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  • Drive and control of the Isolette®

    For the operation of the motorized versions of the Isolette® a type-tested transformer with a primary voltage of 230 volts alternating current and a secondary voltage to 24 volts DC is applied.

    A specially developed Isolette ® relay enables individual, group and central control. Optional upgrades are automatic, time-controlled rise and fall with the sun and twilight sensor, the operation with a thermostat, and the possibility of remote controlling.
    The control can also be done on building systems such as EIB / KNX.

    For trouble-free and comfortable operation of the Isolette ® in different installation situations, contact sheets and energy chains for mounting in sliding doors and cable joints for use in rotary and tilt and turn windows are available.

    The standard drive is with a 24 volt DC motor encoder with integrated electronics. The final positions of the blinds can be adjusted from the outside. The engine and gear unit can be easily replaced without the hermetically sealed insulating glass unit must be completely separated.

    In addition, a special CAN-bus engine (currently unavailable) is on hand, which allows the operation of the Isolette ® in a bus-controlled building management system. This engine is equipped with an incremental encoder, which ensures uniform control and an approximately equal plate positioning of several hangings.