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  • The Isolette ® compared with other shadowing systems

    • Exterior blinds / awnings

      • pollutes quickly, high need for cleaning
      • is exposed to the damaging weather
      • is attacked by the corrosively air
      • storm protection necessary
      • annoying wind noise
      • high maintenance
      • darken the room, artificial light is necessary

      • always neat, cleaning-free
      • protected against weather conditions
      • hermetical installation
      • shading also on gusty days
      • protected against the wind, no annoying noise
      • maintenance-free
      • working with glare-free daylight
    • Shutters

      • reduce the window height and the light incidence
      • pollutes quickly, cleaning trouble
      • blind boxes act as cold and sound bridge
      • annoying wind noise
      • darken the room, artificial light is necessary

      • room-high glazing possible, more light
      • always clean, cleaning-free
      • very good heat and sound insulation
      • protected against the wind, no annoying noise
      • working with glare-free daylight
      • Internal sun protection

        • gets dirty and dusty
        • possible damage
        • heat build-up at the window, small protective effect
      • ISOLETTE®

        • dust free, hygienic
        • protected against external influences
        • a high sun protection by reflection

        The diversity of the Isolette ® System

        The Isolette ® is available in different systems that can be used depending on the requirements and user requirements. In the following, the systems are listed briefly:

        • The default system is driven by a motor. The blinds can be rotated and turned over and lifted and lowered.
        • Manually operated systems can be rotated and turned over (driving by control knob) or additionally be lifted and lowered (drive by bead chain or crank).
        • For roofs and sloped glazing from 12° there is the roof Isolette ®. It is powered by two 24-DC-motors. The blinds can be rotated and turned. Vertical and horizontal ropes ensure safe operation of the system in almost any mounting situation.
        • The Isolette ® can also be designed as triple glazing with excellent physical properties. Here, the blind is in the outer space between the panes. This system enables Ug-values ??representing up to 0.6 W / m K, an optimum for the modern building with large glass facades.
        • All vertical systems can be combined with a separate sun light guide. The individually definable III MAX light steering range allows using shading and day lighting simultaneously. In the upper region the lamellae are integrated into the glass that way, that they deflect the light in a predetermined angle and guide it to the ceiling of the interior. At the bottom the blinds can be placed in almost any position.

        Slat colors and values

        Colour no designation reflection absorption
        16.035 Silver / stone grey 68 % 32 %
        16.016 Ivory 68 % 32 %
        16.009 Beige 63 % 37 %
        16.006 Light Grey 58 % 42 %
        16.017 Aluminum blank 68 % 32 %
        16.018 Silber 58 % 42 %
        16.002 Light Blue 42 % 59 %
        16.008 Matt White 58 % 42 %
        16.004 Red 45 % 33 %