The wavy shaped and semi-transparent foil of ISOFLEX ® reflects the incident solar radiation and prevents excessive heating to the rooms behind; from it result the significantly lower costs of energy-consuming air-conditioning in the summer months. The high-reflecting coated foil of the sunscreen ISOFLEX ® roller blind system prevents the view into the room by day; the view and get to contact to the outside remains.

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    Production of ISOFLEX ® film
    In the manufacturing of ISOFLEX ® foil the starting material is commercially available polyester foil with aluminum coating.

    The wave profile
    Cross stay: The distinct wave profile of the ISOFLEX ® foil produces an exact alignment in the membrane area in the cross direction. The advantage of an installation between the panes in insulating glass is that the ISOFLEX ® foil can be controlled safely from the sides with a distance to the glass pane. Even if the window is tilted it is ensured, that the sun protection film can be coiled and uncoiled without touching the glass. The stabilizing effect is so large that the ISOFLEX ® foil can be manufactured even from relatively thin sheet material, which is very advantageous.

    Length Elasticity:
    Furthermore the wave profile causes, that the ISOFLEX ® foil builds an elastic surface in the longitudinal direction, thus between the winding shaft and bar end. Also this property is advantageous and in bifocal perspectives:

    • The tension outgoing from the bottom bar end is always evenly distributed over the entire width, so that - what is often observed in normal blinds - no diagonal wrinkles or other unsightly distortions can be found.
    • During unwinding, the lower end position can be such selected that the bar end rests below and thus tight. The usual safety margin to the lower support point is not required.

    The surface coating
    The conventional solar control films consist of two bonded polyester foils, which have the reflective layer of aluminum in the middle. This “sandwich construction” protects the very sensitive aluminum layer from abrasion.

    In contrast, the wave foil only consists of one polyester foil which is coated with aluminum on one or both surfaces. The aluminum coating has no apparent wear; this surface coating has the following advantage: The sun is optimally effective because the aluminum coating is directly reflected instead of being behind a polyester film like at the normal sandwich construction. Heating of the wave film by solar radiation is all but impossible.