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  • Drive and control

    To drive, a so-called coreless motor with planetary gear is used. This very high quality gear motor meets our high standards of reliability and durability.

    As noted above, the wave foil is made of very thin and light material, so that the gear motor and the entire blind mechanism are mechanically stressed low. This also shows in the power consumption, which is very low.

    In cooperation with interested glaziers and our partner in electronic constructions, finally the system ISOFLEX ®, SOLAR was generated, which includes the following components:

    A control electronics with battery pack for installation in the window.
    A photovoltaic for installation in the glazing to charge the battery pack.
    Control switch at the window or remote control with handheld- or central transmission.

    For the features of optical and thermal characteristics we refer to our brochure or on our data sheet.